Breakthrough to Your Destiny!

Author: Morongwa Makakane
Book Review: Nompumelelo Cele

Having experienced a dramatic fall of her business, which was by far the hardest knock in her life, Morongwa Makakane, an author of When is Enough, Enough tells her inspirational story of ‘getting back up’ and shares invaluable information that motivates one to never give up on their dream. As shared in this book, hers is a story of resilience, courage and hope. Breakthrough to Your Destiny awakens and inspires one to take action that will lead them to their desired success. Morongwa Makakane instills positive thinking and deliberately crashes all negative thoughts that results in one’s passiveness. In sum, Makakane clearly believes that success is achievable; all you need is a right mind, right “CAN-DO” attitude and a plan of action. This book is a comprehensive guide to personal change. Makakane teaches about how to master the power to dream, set realistic measurable goals, lead a purpose-driven life, develop a ‘CAN-DO’ attitude, remain resilient and achieve success.
Looking back…Makakane lost all that she worked hard for; her business that she once saw booming had trembled down before her eyes, her flashy cars were all repossessed, she was heavily indebted with an amount exceeding R1 million. Her self esteem was crashed and so she cried herself to sleep until tears were no more. Known as a successful entrepreneur, turnaround strategist, MBA graduate, role model, 2008 finalist in the CEO Magazine’s “Most Influential Women in Business and Government: Professional Business Services” and professional motivational speaker, Makakane saw herself as a failure at the time. “For many days I could not get out of bed. I was finished. I was over. I no longer existed”, writes Makakane. She adds that she was sitting on a time bomb, waiting for it to explode.
This book emphasizes how she turned the whole situation around. Unlike in When is Enough, Enough where she shares her business technical failures and gives invaluable advice on how to avoid similar dilemma, here Makakane focuses on possible personal change that anyone can enjoy given they follow the right steps she mentions in this book. Makakane’s mantra, as mentioned in this book, “I am, I can, I will” has encouraged her to crawl back up and it pushed her to achieve her goals. As a result she paid all her debts, ran for Comrades Marathon and finished the race within 12 hours, re-launched her business, and wrote two books. “Success is an art, not a science. You have to want to be successful to achieve success” Morongwa Makakane.

Morongwa Makakane is a professional member of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa. To learn more about the author, visit


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