The following are responses I received from my first blog posts…

Feedback“I just had a brief look at your blog. Beautiful…will have a look at it again later but ja, the one article I read was just beautiful. Keep up the good work dear” – Smangele Senosi (Email)
“We always love hearing our videos are encouraging people. I have checked out your blog and it looks like you’re doing some pretty cool stuff. Keep up the good work” – Jon Jorgenson (Email)

“@mpumi just saw yo blog awesome and motivational. lyke the photo with Lyra” – Meshack Ali Radebe Lebusa (Facebook)
“Like 2 say thanks Mpume 4 all u did in my life,u motivate me,u inspire me! I’ve learned a lot from you” – Sandile Zungu (Facebook)

“Just read your blog…Wooow! Amazing stuff! Super inspiring” – Nozipho Manqele (sms)


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