When odds were against his success he only aimed for the Stars

When everything was weighing heavily against him, his surroundings, circumstances leaving less for inspiration Sphumelele Ndlovu only aimed for the stars.

“Aiming for the Stars” is a book that carries a hardcore narrative of an individual whose life story hits home for many people who read it. Through Ndlovu’s memoir the book gives one an opportunity to be in touch with the harsh reality of living in an underprivileged community. For me, this is simply an inspirational South African story that resonates with people locally and abroad.

Sphumelele Ndlovu was raised in a village called Emaswazini in KwaZulu-Natal by a single mother who sold chickens for a living. As a child he saw his family losing breadwinners.

One of his biggest challenges he faced in high school was when in Matric, during first quarter of the year, 24 out of 28 teachers walked out the high school. Ndlovu and other learners had to teach themselves in order to pass Grade 12. Regardless of his poor performance in the Matric results, Ndlovu was determined to further his education and he did. Even though his journey was never a walk in the park but he managed to achieve his dreams and even exceeded his own expectations.


Today he has completed his PhD in Geometric Engineering from University of KwaZulu-Natal. His dedication and commitment to education has been noticed. As a result, he has traveled around the world to engage with other Scientists and share his story.To name but a few highlights, he attended the International Laser Ranging Workshop in Washington D C in 2014. He received a prize for the best PhD oral presentation at the Annual South African Institute of Physics 2015 conference. In 2016 he was selected to attend the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany. He also attended the BRICS Young Scientists Conclave in India.

“My challenges as a rural black child were never unique to me
and I have had to employ a fair number of tactics to manoeuvre myself through some obstacles, which at most times, seemed to render me hopeless,” Sphumelele Ndlovu.


“Aiming for the Stars” is now available on order. Only R220. Get the whole story, let me know and I’ll help you get your copy.


Neighborhood drama series… proudly sponsored by passion

It’s true that passion can sustain you. For me, passion is that fire that drives you to start, continue and finish the task without feeling like you are working.

I’m a professional writer. A month ago I decided to write a drama series titled “Neighborhood” on my Facebook page “Khanyampumi Writes”. It’s been an amazing experience for me and surprisingly for others on the receiving end. There are people who are excited about it. I have received some touching positive feedback. Today I have posted Episode 20. My episodes are short and straight to the point. I write them in such a way that readers spend 10 minutes or less on each episode.

I am not popular. My Facebook page only has 470+ likes. The reason behind starting this drama series is passion. I enjoy writing. I love seeing a small idea expanding to become something bigger than I had imagined. That what writing does to me. Knowing that I am able to entertain and connect someone to my fictional world…that is something special to me.

Everyday the idea expands to something more. It is a thrilling exexperience! I’m driven by passion.

Never put less than your potential

When you work on any project or task you should always exercise your full potential. Even if you think the task is challenging you less than your abilities. Strive to bring your best in that project. There’s absolutely no opportunity that should leave you as you were when you took it. Challenge yourself. Learn as much as you can and grow. Even if you are volunteering, exercise your full potential. Do not think: Oh, but I don’t get paid, “I’ll just do what is expected of me”. No! Do not sway the fruits-full plate of your labour to somebody else. This is for you. It is for your own growth and development. A person who is always striving to excel grows faster than the rest.

Remember! Full potential…all the time… everywhere you go. Everything you touch should have your mark of excellence. Commit yourself fully.

The world is without limits

This world we live in has no limits. The earth, as a planet, has a size and has its ends. But the world, the meeting of the minds, has no limits. There’s no ultimate happiness. No ultimate success. Also there’s definitely no ultimate failure. We keep living, turning like a wheel – up and down we go. There’s always someone excelling, pushing the bar up higher than our current level of understanding. Then comes another. Everyone who goes up is noticed. That’s why there’s a richest man in the world. But there’s no poorest man in the world. The world has no limits. There are no walls to close you in. Even the ones born underprivileged are capable of rising far above their circumstances. This world stops no one. You have to know what you want and why. The why will get you started. The why will keep you going. And it will get you there!

There’s a whole story here..

What a good inspirational story for friendship encouragement to one’s fitness.


Buongiorno Readers,

Recently, well at the start of 2015, I took a job as an Intern at a company. This job required a lot of sitting (8 hours a day). Of course in this day and age, its not about what you know but who you know, and I got the position through a friend of mine who was already working at the company. She happens to be a fitness freak. This is the journey of me and Tam, with some personal snipets!

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Women Empower Women presents…Reconnect with YOU this women’s day.

Imagine spending your women’s day with like-minded women filled with positive energy that will inspire you. Imagine gathering knowledge from powerful women who are experts in their fields. You get the picture, right? Reconnect with YOU is not just a women empowerment event. It is also a nice date with girlfriends topped with fun, laughter, entertainment, empowerment, networking, introspection. The list goes on…It’s happening at Pretoria State Theatre on 9 August 2015. Tickets are available at Computicket for R300 each.



Making yourself marketable and building your personal brand

Pontsho Manzi:

The founder of FabImage, who is an Image Consultant, Professional motivational speaker, Facilitator, Coach and a mentor to the youth through her non profit organization called FabGalz.

Breakthrough to your destiny and taking control of your life

Morongwa Makakane:

A professional motivational speaker with the Professional Speakers Association (PSASA). She is also a published author of 2 books: When is Enough, Enough? And Breakthrough to Your Destiny.

The girl in the mirror is the image of God, As a man thinketh so is he

Sihle Seleke:

An educator, motivational speaker & founder of Ebehnezer which means ‘Thus far the Lord has kept us’.

The power of you circle

Malebo Matlala

Malebo is a young inspiring individual who has a drive to empower other young people. She is the founder of Chantel which helps high school student with career guidance & mentorship.

For enquires contact Mpho at 083 880 1562

Let’s support the Women’s Movement!


Hop on to this empowerment train to your desired success!

Limitless Social Invite DL(1)

Save the date! 14 March 2015 is the date worth to save on your diary because you obviously don’t want to miss this empowerment train to your desired success. Due to popular demand, Limitless Social Club (LSC) once again invites you to another exclusive women empowerment talk hosted by Thandi Hlatshwayo, the CEO of LSC. This talk is all about Global Success and you! It will take place at Clico Boutique Hotel, 27 Sturdee Avenue, Rosebank. LSC is a social club that drives empowerment among the South African youth. It is committed to create an environment for the youth to partake in constructive activities as well as to learn how to sustain themselves through socialising.

At this event you will learn:
• How to take your businesses from a local level to a global level
• Effective methods to adopt in order to attain global success
• How to effectively position your brands in a competitive international market
• The importance of innovation and how to efficiently implement innovation in your businesses
• What is global success, and how to consistently achieve it as a woman in business

The line-up of speakers is made up of experts in global business and personal development fields:

Palesa Makanda is a CEO of Enziafrica (www.enziafrica.co.za), a black women owned organisation that is built on the philosophy that Africa holds great opportunity and has the potential to thrive even further if African solutions are applied to build the continent, particularly through sustainable entrepreneurship. She has extensive experience developing SMMEs which includes both funding entrepreneurs as well as providing non-financial support with multi-national companies.

Pontsho Manzi is Executive Chairman and CEO of Botlhokwa Group; a holding company for three subsidiary companies called Recrutrain, FabImage and Bonisa Media. She is a qualified HR practitioner by training, an author, a nationally and internationally recognized professional business and inspirational speaker, facilitator, coach and image consultant. She is the founding editor and publisher of Fabulous Woman magazine and author of arguably the first South African black female created and owned annual inspirational diary for women called Diary for Fabulous You.

Colleen Larsen is CE of Business Engage Association NPC, a South African based organisation at the forefront of strategic thinking on gender mainstreaming in the private sector. As a speaker and an author on the subject, Colleen is one of the leading voices for the sustainable advancement of women in the corporate and entrepreneurial space in South Africa today using the business case as a basis for transformation. She was the first chairperson of the South African Women Entrepreneurs Network Ltd., an initiative of the Department of Trade & Industry.

Don’t miss this opportunity to network with dynamic women; learn effective practical methods on how to achieve your true success and kick start your year with a high level of motivation.

Investment is R380 per person. Pre-booking is essential as tickets are very limited. To reserve or purchase your ticket, email: limitlesssocialclub@gmail.com or call 073 963 4369. Follow @LSC_2014 or Thandi_LSC
on twitter.