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Hello There!

I wish you will have a great time reading this as much as I did when I wrote it.

This is one of my great hobbies – blogging. I have been doing it in other sites like and one day I said to myself: “How about you start blogging at and have everything you’ve written and published in there?” And that is why you are reading this here now. Here, I’m planning to share experiences I find great. Whether they are exciting or tragic, but I promise to keep the optimism in all. Feel free to comment. I accept both positive and negative comments. If negative, would you please make it constructive criticism? HAPPY READING!

Thanking you in advance!


I knew I was…when I…

SAM_0532I live to believe that every young gifted, passionate, visionary, keen entrepreneur is asking themselves the same question: what does is take to be a successful entrepreneur? It is not that we ask this type of question because we have no clue of how to start your a business. We have that information.Yes we do. We even visualise ourselves in the process. We see ourselves having our own businesses and doing it great within the industry. But, like me, most of us need to get a clear motivation on how to make this work. In other words, I would be delighted to know how I can be successful in the world of entrepreneurship. Let me make an example of a student preparing for exams: a lecturer may give him/her the chapters that would most likely come out in an exam paper, but the same student might see a need to know how to study effectively to get outstanding results. That…is similar to a young passionate, visionary, keen entrepreneur who has that burning question: how can I make it work?

Here, I am stating what drives me to the door that shows a view of an entrepreneurial success. I have always known that I have what it takes to be a successful business woman. I knew I was when I was selling those sweets back in the day at primary school. I knew I was when I was a street vendor, selling snacks, fruits & veges in town during weekends while I was in my high school years. I knew I was when I started my own saloon in my residence room while I was doing first year in varsity. I knew I was when I became a member of Entrepreneurship Committee in our residence at varsity. Most significantly, I showed that I was a potential entrepreneur when I and other students founded & funded a student newspaper named Independent Update, which I was nominated to be its chief editor in my final year at varsity. I had never made huge profits during those years. Neither did I make huge losses. Do not ask me how many thousand rands I netted because I never got that far. But one thing I can guarantee you is that I had proven to myself that I can be an entrepreneur and be successful. Now the question that I need to answer is: how will I prove this to the world that I am capable?

For me, entrepreneurial success is a mission, a dream, an inspiration and a feeling I fail to ignore.