Who am I?

The Name

KHANYAMPUMI: Khanya & Mpumi are short versions of my names: Nokukhanya & Nompumelelo.  Zulu names that mean the one with light and success. All thanks to my parents who gave me such wonderful names.

The Optimist:

I’m a young enthusiastic individual who shares a great sense of humour and my optimistic attitude keeps me going in all aspects of life. If you read through my blog posts, I promise you will see the optimist coming out.

The professional:

My highest qualification is BA Honours in Media & Communication. I am a media analyst, and have worked in PR & Marketing strategy environment. I like social media and understand it.

The Believer:

I am a God-fearing child. I cannot live a day without prayer and the bible. I also believe in applying positive thinking to reflect my true faith as a Christian.

The passion:

I have so much passion for writing, hence I started this blog. I have also assisted other organizations with content for their blogs, including websites’ content. My creative abilities enhance innovative ideas and that’s my greatest motivation.

Her interests:

Attending educational seminars, inspirational events where I get an opportunity to build my network with likeminded people.

Her Vision:

Making a difference by touching people’s lives, the ones I can reach. To be part of the solution and bring social change to human kind. One of these day I will hold a book with my name on it…yeah!”

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4 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Motseki Joseph Kweyama says:

    Hey…friend and my fellow business colligue,How are you coping with JT FOXX follow up on lectures they offer through telephone,are they giving you any lectures aswell at the moment? Im more than ready to attend another Seminar in Cape Town are you…

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