Today I realized I have wasted time being busy #MyBookDiaries2014

My weekend was a hectic one. I got so busy I couldn’t dedicate at least an hour to my writing. The whole weekend seemed like a day for me. On Saturday I woke up and my schedule of busyness started. It went on like that till I went to bed so exhausted that I couldn’t even think about touching my laptop. The next day, Sunday, I got busy too. Now I’m sitting here thinking and reviewing my busyness and I notice it was a complete waste of time. Some of the things I was busy with were less important, I could have cut those ones out. That is why it is so important to prioritise. I have come to this conclusion: Right now, writing my book is a priority for me. I should focus on that, and make time for it every day so that I don’t lose my inspiration. The word, consistency should ring in my mind at all times. This is how I can keep going, and this book can be finished sooner that I thought. With my busyness and procrastination I got real hit by an email I received from a close friend. This is what she said:

Good morning friend,

I got a bit jealous but proud of you at the same time this morning when I browsed through your blog. You have really progressed to a higher level of ownership with regards to what is important to you and how you need to go about making it happen.

That made me realise how “busy” I have become doing things that does not elevate my soul. I certainly have neglected my writing. So your blog has inspired me to wake up and prioritize writing, irrespective of how busy I get with my other activities.

Writing is a gift, so there is no excuse not to exercise that God given talent.

I wish you all the best in your book and I pray that you receive all the courage and determine to persevere through the writing process to finish this book project soon.

Be blessed and lets keep writing!

Now back to me, having announced that I have started writing my first book I have attracted attention to this project. People are looking forward to my end results. So if I keep procrastinating, I will be failing not only myself, but other people who are looking forward to read this book. This means it is time I get busy writing this book instead.


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Cheers for now…


TODAY I started writing my first book… #MyBookDiaries2014

I have marked today’s date important as it signifies the day I sat down, and stopped thinking about it, and actually started writing Chapter 1 of my first book. I got inspiration and gained confidence from you my blog readers and followers. The encouraging comments you left on this blog were powerful enough to raise me up to take this initiative. I’ve been postponing writing this book, and I realized that all of that procrastination was indeed a waste of time. I’d like you to know that you are my inspiration. I’d like you to know that when you follow, like, and comment on this blog, you are sending a strong message to me. And that was enough to get me STARTED. And I will FINISH it and bring it to you in not so distant future. In the meantime, I will keep updating you about my progress.

Cheers for now!

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Thank you so, so much!

The Myth of “Too Busy”

By Tim Grahl

I would love to strike the word “busy” from every writer’s vocabulary.

Somehow, talking about how busy someone is has become a twisted sort of compliment, and a point of pride.

When I get on the phone with people, they usually thank me for my time, saying they know how busy I must be.

When I ask people how they’re doing, they tell me how busy they are.

When I tell authors they should make time to send emails to their fans, they tell me they’re too busy.

From the CEO to the high school student, everyone is talking about their packed schedule. There’s just no room for anything else.

But what if we got rid of the word “busy” altogether, and replaced that whole concept with something much more honest?

Instead of the word “busy,” let’s use “prioritizing my time.”

I didn’t somehow squeeze people into my frantic schedule. I made a choice to consciously set time aside to speak with them.

On a larger scale, let’s all stop complaining we’re too busy. Let’s tell the truth instead, which is: “I haven’t prioritized my time well.”

“Busy” is something that happens to us. Prioritizing our time is something we make a choice about.3

This is a simple choice to make. Stop looking at your schedule and thinking “I’m too busy.” Instead, look at your schedule and ask yourself, “How am I prioritizing my time?”2

Just this one change will cause you to think differently about your schedule. You’ll quickly begin to look for ways you can control it, instead of letting it control you.

Here’s one example of how this can work for you:

You don’t feel as if you have time to write in the morning, because you have to be up at 6:30 am to get the kids ready for school before you go to work.

Ask yourself, “What would it take for me to get up at 5:00 am?”

Of course you need your eight hours or so each night. But what are you usually doing between the hours of 9:00 pm and 12:00 am? Is it time spent in a useful way? Or is it time spent on Facebook or watching The Tonight Show?

What if you started going to bed at 9:00 or 9:30 pm, instead of 11:00 pm or midnight?

What if you prioritized your time around your writing, instead of your current schedule—which leaves you with “I’m too busy to write”—?

Of course, this means you’ll have to say “no” to a lot of time-wasting stuff.

People are often surprised by the number of things I don’t do. I don’t:

  • Spend time on Facebook (other than the Instant Bestseller group), Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram (except to post pictures of my kids)
  • Print up business cards
  • Have any printed materials other than my book–no stationery, bookmarks, etc. I’ve never seen a return on investment on these for what I do.
  • Blog more than three or four times a month
  • Comment on other people’s blogs
  • Read that many blogs in the first place
  • Read or watch any news outside of a few particular niche media channels that I feel are important for my business or personal goals

I recently had a few authors call me out on my article about the myths of social media.

They claimed that social media does work, saying they’ve seen sales occur because of it.

I’ve never claimed that social media is a complete waste of time. I’ve simply pointed out the social media is the 90% of effort that gets you the 10% of results.

The results are not great, considering the amount of work you have to put in for them.

Once you decide to start prioritizing your time, you’ll start looking for activities you can remove in your daily life that get less-than-optimal results.

That one action then leaves room for the three or four things that bring you huge, not meager, results.

You must ruthlessly cut unnecessary stuff out of your life.3

When it comes to planning my time, I have learned to be ruthless.

If an activity is not significantly helping me towards my goals—whether that goal is selling books or having a good relationship with my wife—then it gets cut out of my life. End of story.1

As one of my mentors regularly says, “You can say whatever you want about your goals in life, but the truth is in your calendar and checkbook.”

What exactly are you spending your time on? What activities are you doing that are significantly helping you reach your goals?

Activity—busyness—does not equal progress.

Activity also does not equal achievement.

How do you start prioritizing your life?

  1. Decide now that you are in control of your schedule.

Yes, we all have things we have to do, such as work every day and take care of family. But every minute outside of those things is a choice.

Decide that moving forward, you are in charge of how you spend your time, and will act accordingly.

  1. Set your priorities.

What do you want to accomplish in your life? Where do you want to be in a year? What do you need to do each day to get there?

When you’re planning your week, here’s how to fill your schedule:

  • Start with what you have to do. If you work a 9 to 5, block out that time on your calendar. If you go to scouts every week with your son or daughter, put that on the calendar too. Start with the non-negotiables.
  • Then add what you need to do. This is where your writing goes. This is where your platform-building activities go. This is where date nights with your significant other goes. This is where exercise goes, so you don’t drop dead at 44 with your next novel half written. This is where your steps to achieving your life goals go.
  • Fill in any time left. Hobbies, Facebook, TV, etc.
  1. Plan ahead.

This is the one that can easily catch me off guard.

When I don’t plan, I’ll show up at my desk at 5:30 am, grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and… nothing.

I’m not sure what to work on, what to write or how to spend my time. The way to solve this is to plan ahead.

When I do it right, I have my entire week scheduled before it starts, and I know what I’m going to work on the next day before I go to bed the night before. This allows me to sit down and immediately get to work.

  1. Change the way you describe your time.

Instead of saying to yourself or other people that you’re just too busy, say “I’ve chosen not to prioritize that.”

Because that’s the truth.

Whenever you don’t do something in your life, it’s because you have chosen not to prioritize that activity.3

Please don’t read that as a judgment. An author friend of mine recently had a major disaster occur in his family. He’s spending a lot of time at the hospital right now, hoping his loved ones don’t die.

He’s choosing to prioritize his family over his writing, and that is obviously a great choice.

But choosing to prioritize useless activity over taking active steps towards your life goals—that is a choice you’re going to regret.

So how’s your day looking?

Have you gotten so busy that you can’t see straight? Are the days ticking by without you reaching your goals?

Or are you consciously prioritizing your life so you can get the important things done—like be the writer you always dreamt of being?

Tim Grahl is the founder and president of Out:think, a firm that helps authors build their platforms, connect with readers and sell more books. Visit:


When you are just born, a new born, everyone around you sees a gift – it’s wrapped up. No-one knows what you are really bringing to this world. It is a moment of silence, all is still – this moment is priceless. You grow up, you then show your talents and capabilities, the world starts to pay attention. You get fame, earn respect, and of course you get a name for yourself. Then something happens that reduces you back to your new born level. It may be retrenchment, or your business fails dramatically. It could be anything. This changes your life. People forget about you. The world stops talking about you. Your friendship list drops to close to none. Even your twitter followers drop day by day. Your fans disappear. Your standard drops. Your name disappears.


You call this fate? I call it DESTINY manifestation. Remember the time you were a new born? You were a gift – wrapped up. You were an unknown then. You are now back to that – an unknown gift. The most special moment in your life. This moment is a gift to you. This is needed to sharpen your destiny. This is meant to build your character. This is for you to gain wisdom. This differentiates you from the other 20 people in the room. This time is for you to be quite and allow your inner voice to be loud enough for you to pay attention. The more you talk about your past and mourning your present, the louder you sound, and that lowers down your inner voice volume. The secret to rising back up is within that voice.


What are you investing in your mind? Is it complaints? Is it tears? Is it regrets? Is it the past? Then you may need to be careful because you may not be happy with your returns. Or you may not even get the returns. This means you are spending more time doing nothing or destroying something. But if you keep investing positivity, hope and actions, then rest assured your returns will be so good that they can channel you to your desired destiny.


It takes a strong man to climb a mountain; it takes a stronger man to fall and rise back up.



Employee Mentality Syndrome…GONE

Surely there’s power in the mindset. Most of us (I am including myself) suffer from what I call employee mentality syndrome. What do I mean? In 2013 (last year) I got retrenched from my job and quickly thought of ways I could get employment fast, before all the money could kiss me goodbye. I was so much under pressure, sending my applications left, right, and centre, top and bottom. I had to get a job! With all the debts I’ve accumulated, my expenses, my lifestyle…I wouldn’t survive without a job. I prayed everyday to get a job, because let’s be honest, my life would be hell without one – no more salary, no more security. Do you know what that is? I call it employee mentality sydromme.

Not a single day have I thought that there could be another way. I know people start businesses and they don’t succeed. Even the stats back up my argument: Most small businesses fail in the period of 2 years. So why would I worry about investing my thoughts on something I know will go down in 24 months? In fact, I’d be lucky if it lasted a year. I am unknown, for a business to succeed I need connections, lot of cash – I must have a NAME. At least with employment I won’t need to worry about all that. The job will give me a guaranteed salary, something I can show to my creditors and my life could go on. I would be sorted out in an instant. You know what? This is all employee mentality syndrome talking.

Do you know how to see that the employee mentality syndrome has hit you? You cannot think otherwise. You are set that it is the only way. You cannot survive without your job. In fact, it is instilled in your mind that you’ve got to have a job to be someone in life. You think about it. You pray about it. You meditate about it. You dream about it. In your mind, this your picture of perfection: “A high paying position, in a reputable company/organization with a shining salary package”.

When the syndrome has got you, anything else that doesn’t fall under that umbrella is “too risky” or “impossible”. I know because I remember fantasizing about my dream job. If you could tell me that I had the power to actually create my dream job, I’d probably laugh at you, thinking…you are crazy. The employee mentality syndrome had got me. Even though I was aware of my creative abilities and that I had it in me to start my own business, still I couldn’t think about taking that route. I wanted to be SAFE.

After all my disappointments, hardships, and pain of not getting the JOB. I received a WAKE UP call one day from my nephew, we’ve just met, thank God for him. He said that I don’t necessarily have to ‘get a job’ to be ok. I have the potential to create jobs. I was like: What? Thinking: “Does he know how desperate I am to ‘get a job’ right now?” And he said to me: “You are at the right position to start your own thing. You are creative, talented, and have passion to help others, use that”.


I then looked at things differently, saw myself differently. I got rid of the employee shoes I was wearing the whole time. I have now stepped onto the employer’s shoes and I strongly believe I am the right fit. I am now working on my conceptual ideas. I spend time doing background search and everyday I am growing because I have allowed myself an opportunity to learn and also to visualize the future. My vocabulary has changed. Now I think of myself as a carrier of solutions rather than the barrier of problems. The employee mentality is gone. I feel much lighter with it off my back. I am cured!

“Being ‘broke’ …

“Being ‘broke’ is a state of mind. Not
a financial or spiritual condition
All wealth, happiness and abundance first
begins with the power of your mind.

The sooner you master your mind, the greater
your chances in attracting happiness, living
your highest purpose and manifest your dreams!”

Aiden Powers

I have a DREAM

I have a dream

I have a dream of a world of perfection

Where my life is drowned in elation

Where smiles are normality and frowns are scarce

Where greetings are hugs and beatings are farce

My world of utopia

I dream daily of a love so pure that no evil shall taint

Love that doesn’t fade away like paint

Love so unconditional that no situation can transform

Love so real that it need not conform

My idea of true love

A dream come true would be total bliss

Tears of sadness surely not missed

Tears of pain become purely reminiscence

Tears of hurt are simply non-existent

My dream world

Reality may have rippled my heart

Caused me pain and turned me apart

Destroyed my dreams through fear

I’m deafened, I no longer hear

My dream still exist

My dream exists because of belief

In a God so powerful, who provides relief

Who changes dreams into reality

And instead of crying, laughter will become my speciality

My perfect world where good dreams come true

Mbali Madondo