In pursuit of destiny

Feeling like you are not going to make it to your desired destiny? Read this!

Milo Mlangeni

Your dreams can come true Do not forfeit your destiny

No one can steal that which you were born with. No thief can access your intellect, skill, talents and all other attributes that makes you unique and complete. But low self-esteem is able to limit you and steal your destiny. How?

  • It gives you negative, self-limiting thoughts
  • It always tells you that you are a failure
  • You do not believe in yourself, who the can believe in you?
  • Your dreams remain locked on your inside as you find it difficult to express the real ‘you’.
  • It’s difficult to live ideal self because of the poor self image.
  • You are always dreaming but dare not make those dreams real.
  • You feel less human and invisible

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