Today I realized I have wasted time being busy #MyBookDiaries2014

My weekend was a hectic one. I got so busy I couldn’t dedicate at least an hour to my writing. The whole weekend seemed like a day for me. On Saturday I woke up and my schedule of busyness started. It went on like that till I went to bed so exhausted that I couldn’t even think about touching my laptop. The next day, Sunday, I got busy too. Now I’m sitting here thinking and reviewing my busyness and I notice it was a complete waste of time. Some of the things I was busy with were less important, I could have cut those ones out. That is why it is so important to prioritise. I have come to this conclusion: Right now, writing my book is a priority for me. I should focus on that, and make time for it every day so that I don’t lose my inspiration. The word, consistency should ring in my mind at all times. This is how I can keep going, and this book can be finished sooner that I thought. With my busyness and procrastination I got real hit by an email I received from a close friend. This is what she said:

Good morning friend,

I got a bit jealous but proud of you at the same time this morning when I browsed through your blog. You have really progressed to a higher level of ownership with regards to what is important to you and how you need to go about making it happen.

That made me realise how “busy” I have become doing things that does not elevate my soul. I certainly have neglected my writing. So your blog has inspired me to wake up and prioritize writing, irrespective of how busy I get with my other activities.

Writing is a gift, so there is no excuse not to exercise that God given talent.

I wish you all the best in your book and I pray that you receive all the courage and determine to persevere through the writing process to finish this book project soon.

Be blessed and lets keep writing!

Now back to me, having announced that I have started writing my first book I have attracted attention to this project. People are looking forward to my end results. So if I keep procrastinating, I will be failing not only myself, but other people who are looking forward to read this book. This means it is time I get busy writing this book instead.


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Cheers for now…


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