When you are just born, a new born, everyone around you sees a gift – it’s wrapped up. No-one knows what you are really bringing to this world. It is a moment of silence, all is still – this moment is priceless. You grow up, you then show your talents and capabilities, the world starts to pay attention. You get fame, earn respect, and of course you get a name for yourself. Then something happens that reduces you back to your new born level. It may be retrenchment, or your business fails dramatically. It could be anything. This changes your life. People forget about you. The world stops talking about you. Your friendship list drops to close to none. Even your twitter followers drop day by day. Your fans disappear. Your standard drops. Your name disappears.


You call this fate? I call it DESTINY manifestation. Remember the time you were a new born? You were a gift – wrapped up. You were an unknown then. You are now back to that – an unknown gift. The most special moment in your life. This moment is a gift to you. This is needed to sharpen your destiny. This is meant to build your character. This is for you to gain wisdom. This differentiates you from the other 20 people in the room. This time is for you to be quite and allow your inner voice to be loud enough for you to pay attention. The more you talk about your past and mourning your present, the louder you sound, and that lowers down your inner voice volume. The secret to rising back up is within that voice.


What are you investing in your mind? Is it complaints? Is it tears? Is it regrets? Is it the past? Then you may need to be careful because you may not be happy with your returns. Or you may not even get the returns. This means you are spending more time doing nothing or destroying something. But if you keep investing positivity, hope and actions, then rest assured your returns will be so good that they can channel you to your desired destiny.


It takes a strong man to climb a mountain; it takes a stronger man to fall and rise back up.




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