Employee Mentality Syndrome…GONE

Surely there’s power in the mindset. Most of us (I am including myself) suffer from what I call employee mentality syndrome. What do I mean? In 2013 (last year) I got retrenched from my job and quickly thought of ways I could get employment fast, before all the money could kiss me goodbye. I was so much under pressure, sending my applications left, right, and centre, top and bottom. I had to get a job! With all the debts I’ve accumulated, my expenses, my lifestyle…I wouldn’t survive without a job. I prayed everyday to get a job, because let’s be honest, my life would be hell without one – no more salary, no more security. Do you know what that is? I call it employee mentality sydromme.

Not a single day have I thought that there could be another way. I know people start businesses and they don’t succeed. Even the stats back up my argument: Most small businesses fail in the period of 2 years. So why would I worry about investing my thoughts on something I know will go down in 24 months? In fact, I’d be lucky if it lasted a year. I am unknown, for a business to succeed I need connections, lot of cash – I must have a NAME. At least with employment I won’t need to worry about all that. The job will give me a guaranteed salary, something I can show to my creditors and my life could go on. I would be sorted out in an instant. You know what? This is all employee mentality syndrome talking.

Do you know how to see that the employee mentality syndrome has hit you? You cannot think otherwise. You are set that it is the only way. You cannot survive without your job. In fact, it is instilled in your mind that you’ve got to have a job to be someone in life. You think about it. You pray about it. You meditate about it. You dream about it. In your mind, this your picture of perfection: “A high paying position, in a reputable company/organization with a shining salary package”.

When the syndrome has got you, anything else that doesn’t fall under that umbrella is “too risky” or “impossible”. I know because I remember fantasizing about my dream job. If you could tell me that I had the power to actually create my dream job, I’d probably laugh at you, thinking…you are crazy. The employee mentality syndrome had got me. Even though I was aware of my creative abilities and that I had it in me to start my own business, still I couldn’t think about taking that route. I wanted to be SAFE.

After all my disappointments, hardships, and pain of not getting the JOB. I received a WAKE UP call one day from my nephew, we’ve just met, thank God for him. He said that I don’t necessarily have to ‘get a job’ to be ok. I have the potential to create jobs. I was like: What? Thinking: “Does he know how desperate I am to ‘get a job’ right now?” And he said to me: “You are at the right position to start your own thing. You are creative, talented, and have passion to help others, use that”.


I then looked at things differently, saw myself differently. I got rid of the employee shoes I was wearing the whole time. I have now stepped onto the employer’s shoes and I strongly believe I am the right fit. I am now working on my conceptual ideas. I spend time doing background search and everyday I am growing because I have allowed myself an opportunity to learn and also to visualize the future. My vocabulary has changed. Now I think of myself as a carrier of solutions rather than the barrier of problems. The employee mentality is gone. I feel much lighter with it off my back. I am cured!


2 thoughts on “Employee Mentality Syndrome…GONE

  1. Thembayena says:

    Are you aware that you have actually completed the most powerful BOOK on aspirations ??? Yoh ! You are really talented Mpume. Please take your CV in into dust bin. You definitely don’t a CV. Forget about pushing that brown envelope , think about pushing your passion and live your dream not other people’s dream . God bless you !

  2. Amanda Khanyase says:

    This is so true of how most people – myself included – think. we tend to think that there is no life outside of our jobs & we live in constant fear of loosing them. i have discovered through my current experience that the world is full of opportunities out there and that no matter how old you are you can still discover your dream & work towards achieving it……doing something that your really love to do…..not just for the money but because you have a passion for it. The “employee mentality syndrome” as you put it can hinder us from achieving our dreams and reaching our goals……thanks for the inspiring message Mpume.

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