I have a DREAM

I have a dream

I have a dream of a world of perfection

Where my life is drowned in elation

Where smiles are normality and frowns are scarce

Where greetings are hugs and beatings are farce

My world of utopia

I dream daily of a love so pure that no evil shall taint

Love that doesn’t fade away like paint

Love so unconditional that no situation can transform

Love so real that it need not conform

My idea of true love

A dream come true would be total bliss

Tears of sadness surely not missed

Tears of pain become purely reminiscence

Tears of hurt are simply non-existent

My dream world

Reality may have rippled my heart

Caused me pain and turned me apart

Destroyed my dreams through fear

I’m deafened, I no longer hear

My dream still exist

My dream exists because of belief

In a God so powerful, who provides relief

Who changes dreams into reality

And instead of crying, laughter will become my speciality

My perfect world where good dreams come true

Mbali Madondo


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