Do it for their mothers #Bring Back Our Girls

Noble Missions for Change Initiative - NMI

Protesters outside Nigeria parliament As the world celebrates ‘Mother’s Day’ today, somewhere in Nigeria a woman is crying because she knows no whereabouts of her little girl/s. The whole world is shaken by a tragic incident that took place in Nigeria on the night of 15 April 2014 when nearly 300 girls were abducted from their dorms in a Northern Nigeria school. The key concern now is ‘finding the girls’. Everyone is trying to do something to help with the search.

A social media campaign with a hashtag #bringbackourgirls has contributed in raising awareness about this abduction. People are asking questions, demanding all the girls to be back immediately. High-profile figures have joined the campaign, including the likes of US First Lady Micelle Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron. The Nigerian government is blamed for its delay in spreading the message. It is reported that the government, at first, allegedly feared that such news could reflect badly on…

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