INSPIRATION from ‘Achieve Personal Success’ seminar

morongwa bydI’m sitting here, typing with such enthusiasm, I wish you could see me right now, all fired up, I am inspired to write this. Morongwa Makakane’s Book launch & seminar has me back on my groove. I am overwhelmed with all these positive energies running through my system right now. I have so much to share, but I don’t want to jinx it. I just want to give you highlights of what I gained, in the hope that you also get the inspiration. It is contagious, ask me!
Let me first introduce Morongwa Makakane to you:
She is:
An author of 2 books; 1) When is Enough, Enough? Ten Things Any Aspiring Entrepreneur Needs to Know to Start and Run a Successful Business and 2) Breakthrough to Your Destiny: You can Achieve the Success You Want, When you Want, in the Way you Want. It All Starts With You!
A Professional Motivational Speaker, a member of PSASA (Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa)
The list is endless. To read more about her visit:
The seminar had Morongwa Makakane, Leanne Hellon and Kgaile Molebatsi ; the speakers who delivered  powerful messages that stirred the audience and got me pumped up to share the experience. It was all about achieving personal success, which made me realize that there is still so much more to know about ‘personal success’ than what is already registered on my mind.
Leanne Hellon’s heartening motivation focused on ‘having an authentic voice’. She highlighted the importance of independence as a key element in our lives all-round. She said we need to be “financial, mental and emotional independent”. This, she said, enables you to ‘BE YOURSELF’. She warned us to stop relying on other people for our own happiness. “Cultivate contentment in silence,” advised Leanne Hellon.
Kgaile Molebatsi’s eye-opening motivation touched on goals we set for ourselves; he encouraged us to be honest when we set goals. Rather we set realistic goals than unattainable goals that will affect our self-confidence. He emphasized that we need to be honest about our abilities and skills. He further elaborated what that means by using the conscious competence ladder, which identifies the levels of one’s conscious competence. “There’s what looks like success and there is real success, know the difference” he said.
Then Morongwa Makakane came with her moving motivation on personal change. She said this phenomenon is based on the belief that every individual is capable of changing their lives. “All meaningful change starts first from the inside and works its way out” she said. She shared her story (see her books reviews), a journey of personal transformation and responsibility. Her mantra, “I am, I can, I will” is showing in bold letters on her branded inspirational T-Shirts and caps. She ended her motivation with these words: “It all starts with YOU”. This propels one to take action, knowing that nobody else can do it for them. These inspirational words also appear on her second book titled ‘Breakthrough to Your Destiny’.
This is not all. For more about this seminar and speakers visit:


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