Positive Thinking…’read about it one more time’

A French philosopher, mathematician, and writer René Descartes declared: “I think therefore I am”. Basically, what these words mean is that we are what we think of ourselves to be. It all starts in our minds. Positive thinking is a phenomenon drawn from the universal ‘law of attraction’ which is a belief that “like attracts like”. Therefore focusing on positive thoughts can bring about positive results. We all grew up in societies that have set certain values, norms, beliefs for us and that has an impact in shaping our worldviews. With all these imposed to us we sometimes tend to believe what people think of us as ‘the truth’. It is by no surprise that we opt to translate all negative messages spread via media channels or word-of-mouth as ‘reality’. We are meant to believe that the world has more negative than positive stories. This article’s objective is to change that perspective. It will unleash the power that resides in all of us – ability to transform your thoughts. Positive thinking is a process that begins with oneself by re-arranging one’s thoughts to be positive ones. We all want to be positive thinkers, don’t we? Then you need to control your thinking, practice positive thinking all the time. Why do you need this positive thinking anyway? This leads to positive results in your personal life, career or business. We all want to achieve certain goals because we know that will make us happy. It is possible…just a thought away.

A friend once said that some life’s challenges don’t allow you to think positively as the reality hits so hard that you end up seeing no positivity at all in your life. I told her that the problem starts in your interpretation of ‘negativity’ as reality. This means you have already seen your challenges as negative. Most people will tell you, life is not always ‘hunky dory’, there are ups and downs. But do you know that you decide to view your ‘down’ moments in a negative or positive way. If you have channeled your thoughts to be positive, you then know that you should view your downfalls as test that will turn to be testimony once you have conquered and moved on to the next chapter.

Positive thinking does not replace belief in your religion, but it complements it. For an example, if you are a Christian there is what is called ‘true faith’. This kind of faith is so powerful in a way that all that you pronounce with your mouth becomes a reality. But you still need to have strong belief that it will happen. Again, control your thoughts to be positive to gain positive results. It is said that before you even start praying, believe that your prayer is already answered. With that belief, you will witness positive results in your life. Let me emphasise that positive thinking is applicable in every belief you accustomed to. All is needed is that your mind should be transformed to think positive. Get rid of all that negative cluster blocking you from achieving positive results by simple practicing positive thinking all the time.


2 thoughts on “Positive Thinking…’read about it one more time’

  1. Siwe says:

    This is so true Mpume. I was generally a negative person; so to me life seemed like it was nothing but problem after problem. When I discovered the power of positive thinking I was able to live a happier life because I was able to channel move through negatives quickly and celebrate the good. It is not easy because a habit is only broken when you get a new one. I can positevly say that now I have more happier days than the negative. Hope people relly start practising “positive thinking” cause it really does work

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