Young, Gifted Youth driven by PASSION.

It was emotional satisfying and spiritual uplifting to see young people with talents delivering a performance that touched everyones heart in the auditorium. They were acting, singing, dancing and chanting. I could read from their eyes and voices that it was all done out of PASSION. This group was able to unite the youngs and the olds in one emotion, thought and vision with their stories. So much creativity in there! Ask me how much did I pay for it and Id tell you it was FREE! Their performance was a clear definition of quality theatre. It is the kind of performance that would make you and I pay a fortune if we were to watch it in an upmarket theatre.

I was in Durban at one of the townships called Santi Wedolins to witness this hearttouching perfomance. Santi Wedolins is situated in the region of Pinetown district next to Marianhill. This group was made of mostly teenagers; others finished high school education while the rest were still attending school. I was amazed by the fact that these young people chose to unite and entertain their community. I am talking about a group made of individuals that come from a disadvantaged community where there is lack of facilities for growth. The community where this group is situated is the one that is covered by the cloud of negative connotations. To mention the few, there is lack of employment, poverty, drug abuse. This leaves me with a question: where is this groups initiative heading to?

I am asking the above question because I was really touched by these young stars. I would like to see them succeeding with what they have. I had a conversation with them after their performance and asked few questions. One of the questions I asked was: what motivated them to form the group at the first place. Their answers were simple but powerful. I will quote few responses: I knew I could act and dance, so I looked for the place where Id fit in; I heard about this group and I love Arts so I joined; Our community has less entertainment so the idea of a group was part of adding some fun to the people. I also learnt that they were future oriented with their dreams including to be popular TV actors/actresses.

Now my concern is the success of this group. I fear that if these young people do not progress in what they do they might end up losing hope and this good practice would vanish. I am saying this because this group had shown their community that theyve got potential to entertain and educate through their combined talents.

They have asked me to scream to the South Africans that they can do it and they need help to share what they have with as many people as possible. This, in their eyes, means getting a chance to perform in a theatre, attend informative workshops, and most importantly getting a sponsorship.

I have done my part, now it is your turn. How can you help them?


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