I salute hard working, compassionate sisters (breadwinners) out there.

I’d like to share experiences of a sister who supports both her family and herself and make it all seem effortless:

She had pushed herself through hard work, dedication and determination right to the door of a tertiary institution to get that qualification.

After running to all the places seeking employment and pushing her applications, she finally gets a job that will improve her living standard and her familys.

She thinks: at least now I can afford finer things in life.

She doesnt need to write down the list of things she needs/wants. Shes been dreaming about those things all these years.

She knows that shed like to buy a house for her family, her car, and have her own apartment.

She still has to buy new furnisher to fill up the house at home and her own apartment.

Her car instalment needs be paid plus other financial obligations that comes with it monthly.

Her young siblings need to go to school. She should pay their school fees, buy them new school uniforms, and makes sure they have enough lunch for the month.

Even more, there is her sister who needs to further her education to a tertiary level. She should provide for her too.

Few days before her pay day, her cellphone receives lots of missed calls, text messages, and calls that define the situation back at home.

They would call her for anything that needs money: school trip, food, new stationery, new clothes for a school event, repairs for a door/window, and sometimes someone needs airtime.

Some will ask her for cash and will promise to pay it back but she knows she will never get it back.

One day she visits home and discovers that things have gotten worse than the last time she was there. There is absolutely nothing! From toiletries to groceriesniks!

She spends all her remaining cash every time she is at home.

She comes back from home totally cash strippedand now she has to live within a minimum budget for the rest of the month.

Her next salary comes in, the cycle begins again.

This might sound a bit difficult or impossible to achieve but there are tough sisters out there who can do all of these, with no complains, out of the goodness of their hearts and they do succeed. They never stop doing it because it makes them feel good about themselves. These breadwinners love helping the ones in need. They believe in giving back to their communities. These sisters can run more than one household and still they rise up in their careers and shine to the world. People only see what these sisters have done and what they own. Only few will understand the hardships they experience along the way. To all the sisters out there who have made it work, not only for themselves but for other people as well, I salute you! And to those sisters who avail themselves where help is needed, May God bless you all!



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