Depression can be really expensive

Times are hard and most people are cutting their expenses down toSAM_0519 basics. Be warneddepression has a way of trespassing to your pocket. My advice to you is that you must not allow this emotional virus to eat up your money. I still recall the time when I was going through depression. I spent my money like it was nobody elses business. Id do shopping as if it was my daily routine because I could convince myself that I was doing the right thing, which is called Retail Therapy. As my scapegoat,Id buy myself chocolates daily, eat out everyday, call my friends regularly and chat nonstop. I couldnt notice at that time that I was misusing most of my money on unnecessary things for all the wrong reasons. When my depression was over, I was left with so many loans from different people; my clothing accounts went skyuphigh. It was hectic. Paying back my debts was not so easy and definitely not so nice.

This might sound weird to other people but it happens to some of us. Well Im glad that I learnt my lesson from this worse experience. I made a decision that Id never behave like that ever again. Since then Ive made it a point that I stick to my budget.

Id like to share these points that I find useful in dealing with depression wisely so that you cannot spend so much money unnecessarily as I did:

1 Talk to an elder or someone who was once in the same situation. You are more likely to feel relieved after the conversation because that will help you realise two things: (one) there is someone else who understands how it feels like to be in that depressive period; (two) there is a way out.

2 If it gets worse, contact a professional health practitioner e.g therapist/psychologist immediately. This is better than spending more money buying air time everyday so that I could chat to my friends nonstop without getting the solution. Im not saying its wrong to talk to your friends because that might heal you but have some limits.

3 If you find yourself inside the store and you are about to pick up something that you never planned to buy, ask yourself: WHY AM I TAKING THIS? Once you battle to answer that question, then it is obvious that the emotional virus is playing tricks on you to eat a bigger portion of your money. I wish I could do that during my unplanned shopping spree.

4 And Please! Please! Please! Avoid unnecessary debts. Theres nothing so heartbreaking like having to pay off a huge sum of money on debts you cant even remember accumulating.

5 Oh even better, you can have an insurance that covers your medical expenses when you are treating for depression. I cant tell you where to find that service but all I know is that it does exist. Consult your financial service provider and find out.

I hope this will help someone because believe me I am not seeing myself going through the same route again!


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